Government works best when there are proper checks and balances to prevent corruption, abuse of power and overreach in authority. The UIC will replace the Queen of England, Governor General and Prime Minister with a President that is directly nominated and elected by the people in a national election.

The UIC system will allow the people of each constituency to directly nominate and elect qualified persons who live and work in their communities to be their Member of Parliament or Representative. Political Parties will no longer have any say or influence over the process. There will be no more big money, party appointments or garrison politics. Your Representative will finally be able to truly represent you.

Currently Senators are appointed by the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader. This takes away their independence. The UIC system will allow each parish to directly nominate and elect a Senator to represent them in the Senate. This will increase accountability and accelerate development in your parish.

Political parties, their leadership and rich donors will not longer be able to influence who gets to be a Minister  of Government under the UIC system. The Executive (President together with the General Secretary, Treasury Secretary and three county Vice Presidents), directly elected by the People of Jamaica, will nominate such ministers from among the most qualified Jamaicans world wide. Each nominee will be publicly vetted by the the 14 member Senate and voted in or out by the 33 member House of Representatives; both of of which are independent of the Executive branch. 

President, Joseph L. Patterson at the Daily Observer Newspapper

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How Does A Non-Partisan Democratic Republic Work?

The key to a non-partisan democracy is 100% public financing of campaigns and no provisions for political parties our other special interest groups in the constitution, regulations or electoral process. In other words, the nomination, election or government laws, policies and procedures will make no provisions for political parties, even though groups and parties are free to exist.

100% Public Funding
This means candidates can receive no private funding and cannot use personal funds for their campaigns. They must follow a strict process of qualification and campaigning in order to access public funding and to communicate their message.

Nomination Process 

The nomination process will be completely community driven and aided by political publicly funded education seminars and workshops. There will be no party name, party colours or symbols by candidates while securing nominators or during campaigns. Only the candidates name, resume and platform may be communicated to potential supporters.

Election Process
The election process will be void of any party names, party colours or party symbols. Candidates may only showcase their names, pictures, resume and platform in campaign communications, material and literature. The voting ballots will likewise carry no party identifiers, just the names of the candidates.

Governance Arrangement
Similarly, governance procedures will not facilitate partisan seating arrangements for any groups or party in the Senate, House of Representatives or any other aspect of government. There will be no division by groups, colours or symbols. All elected representatives will be treated equally by law and they will vote their conscience on all issues. They will not be beholding to the President, a party or donor, only to the people who elected them to represent them 100%,

Therefore, while elected representatives may share common values, ideas and preferences, the UIC system of governance will not facilitate them operating as a party before, during or after an election. The people of their constituency, and they alone, must and will become the party of every elected representative, for without them they cannot hope to be re-elected on the UIC system.

THE UIC non-partisan governance process

Candidate, Joseph L. Patterson with PR Director, Mark Cameron during the 2016 General Elections.

why join the uic?

the uic model of governance

The current constitution is not ours. It was designed by the former slave and colonial master to perpetuate the principles of a master-slave economy to enrich them and a few of us at the expense of the majority of Jamaicans. But the UIC will change that by implementing a truly Jamaican constitution to protect the sovereignty every Jamaican and our nation.

what the role of government?

Over 75 years ago, since 1944, the two ruling parties have embraced a system of governance that does not work for the majority of Jamaicans. It has divided us into two tribes and incited us to violence, to fight each other for scarce benefits and spoils. The perpetual tribal war has made the majority weak, dependent and poor. The UIC will replace this system of partisan politics with a system of unity. It will be nonpartisan, have strong checks and balances and protect your rights. 

If you are tired of the 75 year old ugly divisive partisan politics with its litany  of corruption, pervasive poverty and crime epidemic, the UIC with our focus on creating a safe, clean and orderly Jamaica is for you.

​The UIC (United Independents’ Congress of Jamaica) is your Good Governance movement and political party. We will create a safe, clean and orderly Jamaica  of equal opportunity, equal rights and equal justice by implementing a Nonpartisan Democratic Republican Constitution.

The role of government in a free society is to protect your rights by providing you a safe, clean and orderly environment in which to achieve your full potential. This means ensuring equal opportunity, equal rights and equal justice for all in a free and fair market economy. It means no person, group or party may use force or fraud to take the life, liberty or property of any person. It means Government is restricted by law to protect the life, liberty and property of every citizen from  every other citizen and from invaders. It means Government exists to protect  your sovereignty and that of your country.

UIC President at the Observer

To help prevent corruption, abuse of power and overreach in authority, the UIC will separate the three branches of government as outlined above. The Executive Branch, The Senate and The House of Representatives will each be non-partisan and, as such, independent of the other.

The Executive Branch will comprise a nationally elected President (together with a General Secretary and Treasury Secretary as running mates); 3 Vice Presidents (one elected by each county - Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey); and 11 Secretaries of Departments nominated by the Executive Branch.

The Department Secretaries are equivalent to what we call Ministers of Government today. However, unlike Ministers who are appointed by the Prime Minister at will from among elected or appointed party faithfuls via the Senate, Department Secretaries will be nominated by the Executive from among the most qualified Jamaicans any where in the world who willing to make themselves available to serve.

We will shrink the Parliament from 63 Representatives to 33 and from 21 Senators to 14. There will be only 11 ministries instead of 18 or more, and we will do away with the foreign Queen and her Governor General, making Jamaica Non-partisan Democratic Republic where every individual Jamaican is sovereign.