THE MESSAGE of the UIC is: "Good Governance for a New and Better Jamaica."

75 years of bad governance (division and corruption) is way too long and has cost you way too much!

Career politicians on both sides have divided and tricked us out of our wealth for too many years.

It's your time now!

We need a new system of governance - a "Nonpartisan Constitutional Republic" to protects the life, liberty and property of Jamaican equally.

The UIC will protect the rights of every child to proper nutrition, a good education and a decent home in a safe, clean and orderly society with access to quality healthcare and productive opportunities.

The UIC will create a truly free and fair market economy that brings out the best in all our People.

The UIC will make Jamaica water, food and energy secure by the proper use of our year-round sunshine, wind, water and biomass resources to benefit everyone equally.

The UIC will liberate our monetary system to empower our small and micro entrepreneurs to lead the way in job creation, modern manufacturing and export.

Jamaica will become the safest, cleanest and most orderly nation in the world under the UIC system of governance.

There will be no more ghettos, garrisons or obvious signs of poverty in across our great land.

Jamaicans will be among the most productive, the happiest and healthiest People on the planet under the UIC system of good governance.

Thank you for Joining us, volunteering and putting your X beside the hands!

UIC Jamaica