"GOOD GOVERNANCE means protecting the life, liberty and property of every individual from anyone, any group or government that might wish to use force or fraud to take them away. It creates for us a safe, clean and orderly environment where everyone may live, work and retire with dignity."


Marcus Garvey

​​Throughout the history of humanity, there has been a constant struggle between those of us who desire our individual freedom and those who seek to take it away from us. This epic battle has been played out in wars, slavery and political trickery. There is an unquenchable thirst of some to extract the wealth of others by way of force or fraud, instead of a desire to trading value for value with their fellow humans.

It is the inherent right of everyone to be free and the desire of all to be safe. It is for these two reasons that governments exist - to protect us from each other so that we may enjoy our individual freedom. It is not to be a ruler, a dictator or even a benefactor, but an impartial protector of our individual and collective sovereignty.

Individual sovereignty means the right to do with your life, liberty and justly acquired property as you see fit without infringing upon the life, liberty and property of others.

You have the right to determine what is best for you and to pursue the same without infringing on the life, liberty or property of others. You are the owner of you and must be free to do with you and the products of your effort as you see fit; but you may not use unprovoked force or fraud to take what belongs to others or elect others to do it for you.

Similarly, no one, no group or government has a claim on your life, your freedom or your property. Therefore, anyone who seeks to deny you this right to own yourself and the property you earned or inherited are, by nature, the enemy of your sovereignty, whether they were elected or not.

It is to secure and preserve your right to own and freely enjoy yourself and your property in a safe, clean and orderly true free market economy that we, the members of the United Independents’ Congress of Jamaica, have voluntarily joined hands together to create this party to fight for Jamaica's true independence and your true liberty!

united independents' congress


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"Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men."

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Joseph L. Patterson, BAccS, CPA, CGA

UIC Founder & President,
Member of Parliament Candidate

​(North East. St. Elizabeth)