OUR founder

Information Technology Director position is currently vacant. Applications are welcomed.

​​​Humphrey Sutherland
Chairman, is an Advertising Graphic Designer, Businessman and Nature Enthusiast.

Patrise Campbell
Membership Director, is an Executive Legal Secretary and Youth Advocate.


​​Joseph L. Patterson
President, is a Chartered Professional Accountant,  Social Investor and Businessman.

Nayehama Grandison
Vice President, Cornwall, is an Architect, Entrepreneur and Businessman.


Vice President, Middlesex County, is currently vacant. Applicants are welcomed. 

2011 - Chartered Accountant and Businessman, Joseph L. Patterson returns to Jamaica to live after migrating to Canada 17 years earlier.

2015 - The UIC is launched by Joseph L. Patterson, together with his wife, supporters and over 50 well-wishers at his farm in North-East St. Elizabeth.

2016 - Joseph L. Patterson runs as an Independent and won the affections of Jamaicans across the country and abroad for his effort and message. 

2017 - UIC Jamaica membership continues to grow. Followers increased to over 10,000 online after first public convention in Mona, Kingston where members voted to organize as a political party.


- Equal Opportunity, Equal Rights and Equal Justice 

- Individual Liberty & Personal Responsibility

- A Safe, Clean and Orderly Society.

Mario Boothe
Communications Director & Youth Leader, is an Executive Assistant & Social Justice Activist.

our leadership team

Latoya Wolfe
General Secretary, is a Sales and Marketing Professional, Entrepreneur and Businesswoman.

our vision

A Jamaica that brings out the best in all its people.

Janett Lacey Chocianowski
Fundraising Director, is an Educator and Businesswoman.

Dr. Evelyn Richardson
Public Relations & Fund Development Director, is a Businesswoman and Broadcaster.

It is the natural right of every human being to be free. Therefore, the only moral justification and rightful purpose of government is the protection of your life, liberty and property. Good Governance is a system that protects our individual liberty, promotes personal responsibility and provides all citizens a safe, clean and orderly society. This is the sure foundation for a truly great and prosperous nation.

Leroy Malcolm
Vice President, Surrey County, is an Master Electrician and Social Justice Activist.

OUR History

Treasury Secretary position is vacant. Applications are welcomed.

our mission

A Non-partisan Democratic Republic of Jamaica that protects Individual Liberty  and Promotes Personal Responsibility.