What and why the importance of the UIC Jamaica? We as a country have been traveling the same path given us by our former owners, not by our forefathers. We were not given a proud legacy of our own making, we were raised and made to be dependent on those masters and have continued even after being granted a so-called independence.

Isn't it full time after repeated efforts and enormous failures to seek after another approach?

Well the United Independents' Congress of Jamaica is an offering towards that new and hopeful future. Why not join with us, support our work and efforts, and help to build a country where it's safe, clean and orderly... with the prospects of a much brighter future?

Every living and yet unborn Jamaican is entitled to their God-given right of freedom, allowing them great opportunities for education, good health, the acquisition of property, plus the crucial ability to achieve their full potential... all this while being treated with dignity in a fair and just system of governance that respects all of its citizens, as equals. And in turn all citizens must respect and afford the same rights and privileges to all others in our country and nation.

Until this simple premise is understood and realized our beloved Jamaica will forever struggle to find itself. All our citizens must be, feel, and play their part as true citizens, for us to be a family, a community, and a great and successful society and nation.

We all must have that burning desire to be the best person and citizen we can be. Striving to use our individual strengths, gifts, and abilities for our own prosperity and for the acquiring of the things we aspire for ourselves, while being a constant contributor to the well being of the nation. Prosperous people create and build great and prosperous societies and nations.

We surely need to get pass the mentality of dependency. We are an independent nation and have been that way for way past too many decades, so it's truly full time that we individually accept that independence and become individually... truly independent.

We the people as a country and nation must all join together and rewrite our constitution and laws, frame a new approach to governance and our justice system, and make our little island of Jamaica the great country it truly can become.

To be a shining example as with many of our other accomplishments, in our food, music, sports, and our unique heritage... showing us and the world the true and great people we really are.

Please join with the UIC Jamaica for a safe, clean, orderly and eventually prosperous Jamaica.

โ€‹Radical change is sorely needed. Working for that change. Blessings and One  ๐Ÿ’–!!!

A Non-partisan Democratic Republic

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A Safe, Clean & Orderly Jamaica

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Humphrey Sutherland



I reluctantly left Jamaica in 1994 and built a successful life in Canada as an Chartered Professional Accountant and Businessman, but returned in 2011 because I believe in us and want to live, work and retire in my own country.

We must not stop until Jamaica is as safe, clean and orderly as it should be. That is the only way we can have real freedom and real prosperity individually and collectively.

The British built Britain. The French built France. And the Americans built America. If we know what is good for us, we too would secure to ourselves our own country - Jamaica built by Jamaicans. This is the land of our birth. Our undisputed home. We cannot allow it to be destroyed by those of us who are shortsighted or be taken over by old or new colonizers.

We too can build a great productive and prosperous nation that offers prosperity to all those who are willing to work hard to build a successful life. I believe we have it within us, as a People, to rise up and secure this land of ours. Together, we can create a New Jamaica - a safe, clean and orderly Jamaica that protects individual liberty and promotes personal responsibility.

Equal Opportunity, Equal Rights, Equal Justice!

It's time to be free!.

โ€‹Do you want government to focus on creating a safe, clean and orderly society?


Do you want the freedom and security to enjoy your life, liberty and property as you think best?

Do you believe in equal opportunity, equal rights and equal justice?

If you answered YES to all of the above, the UIC is the party for you!

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โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Joseph L. Patterson, BAccS, CPA, CGA

Founder & President